o/PHANTOMFUSE is a MacOS driver for Vision Research’s Phantom high-speed cameras.

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o/PARASHOOT is the safe card eraser app with backup verification and file restore.

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o/DAILIES is a smart web-based solution for your crew and client to review the daily footage of your movie while it is being made.

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About us

Everything we do happens out of a practical need. As working film professionals we were missing workflow parts so we started filling in the gaps and simplifying the day-to-day challenges by fixing what’s impractical – or by creating what’s missing. We do this via simple utilities for a specific department. Or via more complex services for the whole crew, aspiring to spark togetherness and therefore a better communication culture for all departments involved.

Everything we do should result in a plain, straightforward solution for one specific use case in the movie making process. Additionally, every tool should seamlessly integrate with de facto industry standards and should be interchangeable with different workflow necessities.

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