For crew, producers and DITs

o/DAILIES lets you watch your movie in the making and at the same time helps you enhance your production workflow.
From filmmakers for filmmakers, o/DAILIES comes with top level support and firsthand knowledge of the problems and solutions on set.


Uploading clips
Mobile apps: Android & iOS
Uploading clips
Web Review: All scenes
Web Review
Web Review: Automatically rendered waveform
Production management
Mobile apps: Android & iOS

Main functions

Fast review: Discover shots by shooting date or scene number and enjoy our slate and speech block detection to help you quickly review and professionally analyze your footage.

Permission management: Set viewing permissions for each user, hide specific clips from some.

Web, Android and iOS app: Check your shooting progress in your browser or with our apps for handheld and tablet devices.

Uploading your dailies: Use our uploader app, transcode in a watched folder and let it upload automatically.

Automatically sync metadata: Our Silverstack links enable you to keep our database and the one from Silverstack in sync. Alternatively, export an ALE and import it with our uploader.

Reports: Our Silverstack links enable you to handle shooting day reports online: With your dailies as thumbnails, this automatic report and the invited recipient you can finally forget about sharing PDFs.

Silverstack link: Get a detailed list of your transcoding and offload jobs.

Silverstack link: Get notifications on your Silverstack transcoding progress and offload jobs on your mobile device.


Auto slate detection: Jump directly to the slate when playing a clip.

Speech block detection: Scrubb through the footage from speech to speech instead of a fix timed duration (as of now, only mobile).

LUT & waveform: Switch on the fly between LUT and a generated waveform clip.

GIF previews: Enjoy fast evaluation of all clips with our animated GIFs as preview.

How does it work?

o/DAILIES Uploader App

Uploads transcoded clips and metadata (Mac OS X only).

o/DAILIES Cloud Service

Web-browser-based service to view your dailies in browsers of all operating systems.

Manage productions and users.

o/DAILIES Mobile App

Watch dailies on smartphones featuring identical functionality as the web service (iOS and Android). Additionally, receive Silverstack transcoding notifications.

How to set it up

  1. Create a production with Silverstack or via web interface
  2. Invite users (crew, clients)
  3. Manage permissions
  4. Install o/DAILIES Uploader App
  5. Verify the suggested file structure
  6. Synchronize your dailies clips with o/DAILIES Cloud Server

How to use it

  1. Login at and view, sort, filter and analyze dailies in the o/DAILIES web browser GUI on your desktop and tablet or on the o/DAILIES smartphone app.
  2. To use o/DAILIES you will need an internet connection and subscription to the service available on
  3. If the production you are working on already uses o/DAILIES, request your login credentials from your line producer or DIT.

Find more in the documentation

o/DAILIES docs

Need support from a human being?

Contact support team


Parts of o/DAILIES are free; for the main functionalities we offer weekly or monthly license models.

To test your workflow against o/DAILIES, you can create a free demo during checkout. This demo lasts 24h and is a full-fleshed o/DAILIES instance. If you’re sure about it, you can upgrade your instance with a subscription.

Silverstack link


Metadata sync

  • Online mirror of Silverstack
  • Metadata & thumbnails sync
  • No dailies upload
  • Shooting day reports
  • Silverstack job push notifications
  • Unlimited projects
  • Professional support
  • No additional hidden costs

Weekly license

USD 82

Per week and project

  • Excl. VAT
  • Silverstack link
  • Unlimited video storage
  • Unlimited users
  • Professional support
  • No additional hidden costs

Monthly license

USD 296

Per month and project

  • Excl. VAT
  • Silverstack link
  • Unlimited video storage
  • Unlimited users
  • Professional support
  • No additional hidden costs


  • Bundle price for schools and DITs with fast-pacing productions
  • Script integration
  • Free text search for clips, characters, lines
  • …more to come

Got ideas?

We are fast in implementation! Drop us your idea and we’ll see if we catch fire.

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